‘The Beginning is Always Today…’ Mary Shelley.

My name is Ellie, I have just completed a degree in English Literature, and thoughts of the future send me into a blind panic.  I am unable to accept that my student life is actually over and have distracted myself, as I always have when faced with a problem, by eating copious amounts of chocolate, drinking gallons of tea, and reading.  Adulthood is, I have decided, just not going to happen to me. I will read about it instead. I will live other people’s lives and hide from my own. There is, however, a problem with this attitude. Reading does not disguise life; a book does not allow the reader to lose themselves completely. Instead, books encourage you to confront and engage with all of the struggles, joys, confusions and delights of living. At the risk of sounding a bit sickening, a book allows you to find yourself, as well as to connect with others.   A book is a magical thing. A book is a powerful thing. A book can unite and fragment, create and destroy, liberate and entrap.  A book is effectively the best thing ever, and I want this blog to demonstrate that. Instead of clamping my hands over my ears and rocking in a darkened corner, refusing to confront adult life, I will be doing my very best to embrace all the challenges and magnificence it entails. In the wise words of Mr Keating, ‘Life is a roller-coaster (and you’ve) just gotta ride it’. (Side note: I cannot promise the future absence of fantastic lyrics such as this in my blog posts!)

With this blog I am aiming to share my own views  of books I have read, and increase my knowledge and insight by receiving your perceptions and feedback. I will mostly be discussing fiction, although the occasional non-fiction may creep onto my already ridiculous prospective reading list. Please do contact me either through email, or by commenting on a post. This blog is after all celebrating the communal delights of reading! Please note that this is my first blog, and I am a complete tecnho-phobe so may be a bit slow on the set up! Thank you, and hope you enjoy! x


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