Name: Ellie

Age: 20

General Stuff: This blog will be a journal of books I am reading and what I think of them, good or bad. They will cover a range of periods and genres and will hopefully be interesting, provoking and just generally the bees knees. Your opinions and thoughts about these books will always be appreciated as the main purpose of this blog is to revel in the joy of collective reading and the diversity of opinions  this can provoke. (I also love a good chin-wag).

I love analysing books. I’m just nerdy like that. The sight of a good metaphor will quicken my pulse and send shivers down the spine.

I am currently channeling Peter Pan, experiencing a bit of a quarter-life crisis having finished University, with my inner voice shouting madly that ‘I’ll never grow up, never grow up, never grow up. Not me!’ (No longer sure if I am sane)

If I am not reading accompanied by my duvet and lots of tea and biscuits I can be found wandering through local antique shops buying teacups and teapots because I am a bit of an 80 year old woman at heart.

Aims for the future are to travel the world and ‘find myself’ (lol), and hopefully enter the world of journalism. Oh, and keep reading and discovering new books forever and ever, amen.

Thank you for visiting!



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